Dr. Sathya


Dr. Sathya S. Kalangi has over 10years of experience as a Gastroenterologist. Treating all gastrointestinal diseases, including diseases of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, anorectum and liver, Dr. Kalangi focuses on patient education and disease prevention. She strives to provide the best cost effective diagnostic and treatment options for her patients. The practice welcomes referrals from Family practioners, Internist, and other physicians and especially patients! Should the patient require hospitalization, she is affiliated and well connected to the physicians and hospitals at the downtown Medical Center i.e. Baylor college of medicine, St. Luke’s, The Methodist, the Memorial and to the MD Anderson Cancer Institute, as well as the various local hospitals.

Dr. Kalangi takes great pride in her “calling” as a physician. Her commitment and dedication to the practice of medicine is readily apparent as lives her vow, “to love the sick“ each day, in her exuberant energies and enthusiasm for life. Her bright cheerful smile and loving personality receive her patients with a warm welcome and fill them with hope. Her open doors, open arms, open warm hearts policies are felt and received with joy by the young and the old alike, each visit.

A strong patient physician relationship is the key to her success. She takes a genuine interest in each of her patients. She always takes the necessary amount of time to listen to the patients thoroughly and keenly, in an attempt to understand their illness. She believes in treating the patient as a ”whole” and utilized her Internal Medicine background and experience well. She truly connects with her patients, winning their respect, confidence, trust, friendship and love. Her patients and hospitals have recognized her for her services.

Being multilingual, effective communication is felt to be of utmost importance according to Dr. Kalangi. She communicates openly and well with both there patient and their families as well as their primary care physicians. She stresses this fact to the patients, her staff, hospital and other medical Significant time and effort is spent relaying laboratory, radiology, pathology and surgical operative reports to primary care physicians of patients, as well as verbal, telephone consultations in developing treatment and management strategies for the patients.

She takes a personal interest in each individual and takes time to educate and explain in layman’s terms the results and indications for each proposed test along with alternative options; thus encouraging patient involvement in their own health and well being and enabling them to make sound, well informed educated decisions. Numerous educational materials are made available to the patients, including recent medical literature on particular subjects, brochures, videos etc.

Dr. Kalangi is an educator at heart and seizes every opportunity to teach – not just her patients, but her office staff, hospital staff, medical students, residents and fellow physicians and in the community as well. She has continued teaching while in private practice at the San Jacinto Methodist Family Practice Residency Program. Numerous pharmaceutical companies have sponsored her as a public speaker on various Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology related subjects. She has been recognized and awarded numerous times.

She has served in various capacities and positions at several hospitals. During her career, Dr. Kalangi is/was a member of the various medical societies to include the American Medical Association, Texas Medical Association, The Galveston County Association, The American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, The Gulf Coast Texas Society of Gastroenterology etc.

She is currently and has been the honorary Chairman for the Presidential Business Advisory Council for Texas; has been invited for the President’s Dinner etc and has been involved in changes in the medical delivery systems. While in Utah, she represented Utah, as an alternate delegate at the AMA meetings. She was extended and invitation and recognized in the National Registry of Who’s Who in 1993, 2000 and 20007.

She experienced the most moving and life-changing experience when she ventured to participate in the expedition to Tsunami hit Banda Aceh, Indonesia with International Friendship Summits Disaster Assistance in 2005. She set up and treated disaster recovery emergencies. She hopes to participate in other disaster relief missions.

When asked about her success, she immediately credits her parents Dr. Christopher and Suguna Kalangi and her educators, in particular, Dr. Angel Chan Aquino, Dr. G. Michael Vincent, Dr. Jay Jacobson, and Dr. John Mathias for the opportunity and the gift of education; her husband Dr. Albert Furtado and her children for their support and encouragement. In addition to her extensive education and experience, Dr. Kalangi boldly professes and attributes her success and confidence in her strong belief in the power of faith and prayer by which she is guided each moment. She believes in the modern day as well and encourages her patients and their families.

In one of her communications with IFS, she states, “I am willing to spend and be spent to minister regardless how menial the task may be……by fearless courage. My life has been full of spontaneous joyful uncertainty, filled with breathless expectancy –i.e. totally out of control yet, so perfectly orchestrated! I thrive on the adventures of life, the trials, the crises…. the victories. I am confident that spiritually, mentally and emotionally, I can weather any storm. The continual surprise of life of God keeps me absolutely fresh for everything. I am looking forward to the unknown”.

Dr. Albert Furtado, her husband, a dentist, have made Houston their home. They believe they are the “A-team, “from the beginning to the end”, as they are able to provide complete care!!!! They have a son and a daughter. They hope to adopt several children, hoping to make a significant difference in at least a few lives. They hope to some day demonstrate and teach international peace by having a small United Nations living joyfully under one roof as one big happy family! They welcome and host International Students in their home to give them a great American experience!

Dr. Kalangi and her family enjoy participating in the community and are very involved in children’s education services and programs, widows and widower’s ministries, missions, as well as other Church activities and believe in giving back to society.