Dr. Sathya

Physician and Staff

Digestive Disorders Associates P.A. (DDA P.A) offers and provides comprehensive gastrointestinal and liver diseases consultations, diagnosis, cost effective, minimally invasive testing, including endoscopy, as well as state of the art treatment and managements services. Digestive disorders Associates has provided gastroenterology services to a wide area in the South Eastern area of Harris County, extending east to Beaumont, South to Galveston, and North up to Livingston! Some patients are known to have traveled quite long distances including Salt Lake City Utah, Wyoming, Alaska and Michigan, for their treatments!

Dr. Kalangi takes great pride in her long term staff Patricia and Linda. She credits and acknowledges them readily for her success. They make an excellent team with similar commitment to patient service, with a heightened level of conscience, perseverance in achieving our mission. Though a small staff, the team is extremely effective. She beams with joy as she speaks about them and simply put, loves them. They are very dependable and go beyond the call of duty, always going the extra mile for the patients and the cause. They too “love the sick” and are always ready to serve. She admires their calmness and kindness and understanding of the various behaviors patients represent. They offer same day services, assist patients with referrals, completion of forms, assist with obtaining prescription forms filled; arranging rides for patient transportation, scheduling patient tests and their schedules and have never turned a patient away for any reason. They are well trained and have a vast knowledge about all Insurance Plans, billing and office management. They provide service with cheerful hearts topped off with bright sun shinny smiles. “They represent me well” she states. They are loved by the patients too.